Over 20 years of computer & video production experience


Our Mission


JCConnect provides on-site consultation to small, medium, and large businesses regarding the proper computer, multimedia, and Internet services for your location. We provide the technology that brings the information to you; empowering businesses to succeed because of the acceleration in how businesses access and distribute information.


Company Profile


JCConnect will provide The Total Business Solution to our customers. At JCConnect, our computer services division produces workstations that are constructed for graphic designers and video post production editors. The Internet Services area is connected to stream interactive and multimedia projects. JCConnect provides the complete solution for post production, DVD authoring, audio & video design.


JCConnect becomes an integral part of the decision-making process for our customers in the area of project management for conversions, upgrades and new implementations of computer services. JCConnect is an Intel Product Dealer and Microsoft Systems Builder. 

JCConnect has also developed digital media center products for the home and office environment.  For the home user, the media center units have the versatility to provide basic functions from recording your favorite TV show to providing complete home security.  Consumers will have the option of purchasing a pre-built unit or customizing their digital home unit around their lifestyle. 

Business users have the ability to experience the same flexibility as the home user with the addition of a media server.  The Media server can house corporate presentations, training videos, other A/V presentations and digital signage. 


As indicated earlier, JCConnect intends to make the digital experience of the user feel as if they are “Connected to the World”!